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Arcady Media is your team of Email and SMS experts, dedicated to growing businesses through lifecycle marketing.

As an exclusive Klaviyo partner, Arcady Media is the perfect blend of expertise and execution, unlocking unrealized potential, with experts you can trust.
As a Shopify partner, we expertly facilitate email collection at POS and checkout to seamlessly synchronize your store with your email marketing channel. Optimize customer engagement and data efficiently and compliantly.

What We Do

We create customer lifecycles tailored to your ecommerce business to improve customer loyalty and drive revenue to the next level.

Email Marketing

We leverage customer on-site and email triggered behaviors to create powerful automations for your brand. With Eye-catching design and compelling copy, align your emails with your brand's standards.

SMS Marketing

Keep your loyal customers up to date with exciting news and relevant offers. Leveraging multiple triggers with strategies fine-tuned to fit your brand, our high-converting SMS system keeps your customers waiting for that next text.

Our ever growing focus on lifecycle performance speaks for itself

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“Always rise above industry benchmarks - make your brand the highest industry standard”

- Tarun, Founder of Arcady Media

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Why Work with Us


Avg. client ROI


Avg. increase in customer satisfaction


Avg. increase in repeat buyers

Working with us is just the same as having your own team. Except this time, you don’t have to reinvent the entire process and test for months till you get it right. By hiring a collaborative team of experts in the space, we’ll take care of the finite details, while you focus on your areas of expertise.

Are you with us so far? Great.

The reason 93% of our clients come from referrals 

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We ensure our expert team of dedicated professionals meet the culture fit standards with our client’s businesses. (We’re pretty chill dudes and dudettes)

We handle everything our clients need in their lifecycle marketing strategy to set them up for success.

We create a tailored strategy to help our clients brands become an authority in their space.

Fun fact: the very first client our founder signed as a freelancer, is still working with us today.

We choose quality over quantity every single day

We handle everything to set you up for success

Our results speak for themselves

What they think


The number one reason for our agency’s rapid growth is due to the awesome things our clients say about us. Take a look!

"I am beyond impressed with their production, attention to detail, desire to plan, and more importantly drive to do the research to become experts at my brand and the market that I target. I gained an experts who get it and can help guide me in the best practices to scale my brand."
Louis Belmonte, CEO
Bombshell Wax
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We now also work with Louis Belmonte’s recently acquired brand, Jessica Johnson Beauty
"I’m John and I have been working with Arcady Media for some time now and all I can say is wow. They have improved my sales so much and I no longer have to worry about the headaches associated with email/sms. Arcady Media understands my brand along with my goals. I have been in the ecom space for many years and Arcady Media takes the cake 100 times over when it comes to email/sms."
John Spedoske
8 Figure Entrepreneur
Become our next success story
"Working with the team at Arcady Media has been nothing but amazing. They’ve beat all of our expectations & surpassed every other agency’s results that we’ve partnered with through email marketing. They’ve provided guidance as well as clarification wherever needed and Arcady Media always put us first unlike other agencies we’ve worked with. They are truly a pleasure to integrate in our hygiene brand and we look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future."
Director of Marketing
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